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Rise of the Micah Prophet 3D Book Cover.png

The Rise of the Micaiah Prophet is designed to address the gray areas of the prophetic and the difference between what is true and what is false. You will learn to:

  • Distinguish between true prophets and false prophets

  • Align the gifts of the Spirit with the fruit of the Spirit

  • Define and discern divination and familiar spirits

  • Gracefully move through the seven levels of prophetic training

  • Value and prioritize character development above spiritual gifts

  • Discern and obey the voice of God

  • And so much more!

Joshua Giles PROPHETIC FORECAST 3D Book Cover.png


Everything we know is changing. The church is changing, too. New realities are arising as we prepare for the coming great awakening and harvest. Where do you fit in? What do you need to be equipped to plot your course for the future? Through biblical teaching and Spirit-inspired insights, rising prophetic leader Joshua Giles unveils God’s plans and strategies to help you align with heaven’s agenda to prepare you for what lies ahead. You will be encouraged to:

  • Get ready for God’s next major move in your life and nation

  • Learn how to access and administer the promises of God

  • Overcome fear of the future as God’s plan is uncovered for you to thrive

  • Rise in power and authority as one of God’s chosen ones

  • Reset, realign, and reposition yourself for divine purpose

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